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If you are looking for tips and instructions to start painting or drawing, check the How to page; if you are looking for artists communities, check the links page. There are also a few of her own demos online. These are her friends sites and her favourite artists. Some friends of hers made paintings from some of her photos. Check them out!

If you are looking for the french FAQ about Art and Painting, it's here.

If you are a french speaking artist, you might want to check out the French Art Forum laBarbouille, that I have created. We have done several groups projects.

All the paintings shown here are for sale, except when otherwise noted i.e. private collections etc... The paintings are sold unframed and can be shipped worldwide.

If you wish to buy a painting, please contact the artist. If you want to know more about her, that's here...

Her banner page is here... If you want to swap banners with her, just let her know!

Martin, watercolor and ink

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